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Dinner is Served:  Andiamo Offers a Variety of Serving
Options for Rehearsal Dinners and Events

It used to be simple.  You had a few options to choose from whether it be chicken, beef or vegetarian.  The wait staff would put your plate option down based on what your name plate would say, and dinner was served.  While there’s absolutely still room for “what’s traditional” in the industry, with time, like anything else, we also see changes and new trends.  Right now we’re in the “DIY” age, where hosts want to give their guests options and a sense of control over portions, flavors and sides.

Will this trend “stick”?  We think so.

At Andiamo we offer five types of food service for intimate weddings, rehearsal dinners, large group outings and events.


The first, Family Style Dining.  As a host, you pick various entree(s) and sides. Similar to how a family would sit around the dinner table with the food options in the middle, this allows your guests to reach for more of whatever it is they desire at their own will. It’s a little less formal, but can also be less expensive and less wasteful.



The second, Buffet Style.  This has always been the stepsister to traditional plated meals, but continues to grow in popularity. Chef/Owner Jim Rogers will work with you to piece together the perfect buffet line based on your taste, budget and preferences.



The third, Plated Meals.  As we said earlier, this option continues to conquer the traditional space in wedding and event dinner options.  Some see it as an easier “set it and forget it” option in their wedding planning.



Design a Custom Menu.  We’ll work with you to piece together the perfect menu, which will give your guests a small selection of pre-determined dishes to choose from.



And fifth, Cocktails and Small Plates.   These are great for something less formal or to prelude a dinner or presentation.  Cocktails and small plates are widely desired for the right mood and purpose.  Whether you need a specific color or a unique ingredient, our expert mixologists will stir up a drink that will add the finishing touch to your special occasion.

For more information on customization, pricing and availability, please contact
Chef/Owner Jim Rogers at JRogers@Andiamo-Restaurant.com.